Folon. A Journey in Brussels

From February to September, three leading Brussels museums together with the Fondation Folon invite visitors to explore the colorful world of Jean-Michel Folon.

Exhibition: “Folon: A Journey in Brussels”

As spring grips Brussels in its enchanting hold, the artistic soul of the city pulsates excitingly and intensely. This year, the intriguing world of Folon captures the cultural spotlight.

Hidden in the green oasis of La Hulpe, just beyond the urban noise, the Folon Foundation offers an exclusive opportunity to wander into the fantastic universe of the Brussels artist Jean-Michel Folon.

In a dynamic collaboration with three prominent Brussels museums, the Folon Foundation rolls out a vibrant calendar full of events from February to September. From interactive workshops and engaging tours to unique exhibitions spread throughout the city; there’s an extensive array available for every art lover or those seeking inspiration.

The Magritte Museum highlights the harmony between the works, language, connections, and unique characteristics of Magritte and Folon, with Folon finding inspiration in Magritte during his youth. This discovery was a revelation to him: “In painting, truly anything is possible. Even creating mysteries,” he realized.

At the prestigious Maison Autrique, one of Horta’s first creations and a place of both grandeur and intimacy, one can delve deeper into Folon’s wide interest in various techniques and his passion for collecting.

A third exhibition, organized by the Museo Civico Garda and the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti in Ivrea, Italy, in cooperation with the Fondation Folon and the Design Museum Brussels, delves into Folon’s connection with the legendary Italian company Olivetti and offers insight into the world of advertising design in a time of innovation.

Spring in Brussels with Folon is so much more than an exhibition; it is an invitation to embark on a journey of creative discovery. Let the blooming nature and sunlight carry you into the world of Folon to let your imagination soar.

For more details, visit the Fondation Folon.

Image – Fondation Folon