Kanal – Centre Pompidou reopens in 2024

KANAL-Centre Pompidou aspires to be a hub of culture and exchange accessible to everyone, shining a spotlight on Brussels’ creative scene and enhancing the city’s cultural allure. Slated to reopen in 2024, it will emerge as Brussels’ largest cultural institution, boasting over 35,000m² dedicated to contemporary artistic expression in various forms. Following its initial phase with KANAL BRUT – an exhibition in its unrefined space – and a significant two-part exhibition by Swiss artist John M Armleder, the vast garage underwent renovations. Despite the closure, Kanal continues to actively contribute to Brussels’ cultural landscape, fostering collaborations with local entities.

Current exhibitions and events are scheduled at K1, a venue located directly opposite the construction site.

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Practical information:
Square Sainctelette 11-12, 1000 Brussels City

picture: visit.brussels

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